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El salto / The Jump

Not For Sale

"El Salto" as a proposal discusses the concepts of Insularity and Diaspora treated in the history of Cuban art, which it revisits to speak from a change in the role of its variables, it is a return to the springboard and what the leap into the void represents. However, this time the jump is not to the sea or to the other shore, it is a jump to the land, to the interior of the island, it is a proposal that alludes to the great risk that staying represents when leaving has been the most viable solution in looking for other realities. The proposal assumes the symbolic object as a conditioner of a social behavior, establishing a dialogue with the context from the disarticulation of its functionality by reversing the jump; it questions the safety of the fall, the hope of surviving the decision made, it is to transvest the object of action into an object of symbolic reflection.