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Relaciones peligrosas / Dangerous relationships

Acrylic on canvas

100 x 130 cm

In my works I build, in an almost autobiographical way, an introspective world where my imagination and my fantasies are displayed. This self-referential component is marked by an evasive attitude that does not translate into apathy, but rather in a conscious reconversion of my reality. Specifically in Dangerous Relationships, I use the traditional concept of the nude, the use of the mirror, and the appropriation of a modern work in art history: Dangerous Relationships or Dangerous Friendships, by René Magritte. I integrate the image of this painting into my underwear with the intention of establishing a parallel between the past and the present. In this way I intend to transfer its sensuality and delicacy to the present, rescuing certain values, sometimes absent in contemporary life. In the context of the crisis generated by Covid-19, that space for introspection and reflection marked by social distancing has become vital. Dangerous relationships invites us to look at ourselves, to probe our personal world, our environment, our intimacy, our body, our ideal of beauty; and finally, to meditate on what will happen with regard to interpersonal relationships “when it's all over ”.