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Child Abuse

213.4 x 213.4 cm

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In the United States, cases of domestic violence and child abuse are increasing day by day. Although it is a very heavy subject, it is an important topic that will greatly influence a child's future. Schools and neighbors are obligated to report any signs of abuse, and child protective centers are responsible for taking action to prevent this from happening, with serious penalties for perpetrators. This is certainly not a story in news and internet articles, but surprisingly, because it can happen closer than we think. It is very important that people don't turn a blind eye to this abuse, so my project focuses on educating the audience about signs to look for, and the necessity of reporting. Instead of providing visual data and information through a clock project, I focused on appealing to the viewers and expressing how serious the victim's situation was and bringing empathy. The presentation also presented this desperate situation, irresponsible solution to it, and the direction we should go now.