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Canto de grillo / Cricket song

Oil on canvas

250 x 150 cm

Not For Sale

The reason for the sets stems from my fascination for the operation of repetition, which is conditioned by the fact that often, within the same work process, I feel that I have to try different things where I can experiment with the same idea, At that moment, the process begins a life cycle in which the end will only be determined by itself, because the repetition follows a gradual course of parts that lead you to the discovery of new aspects and possibilities, which will probably never lead to into an absolute whole. At that point, I tend to work on several things at the same time, and that's when I find myself building a set of paintings like “Canto de cricket”. The idea of ​​the group is a working method, because I hope that the group breaks down, and each painting separates and exists by itself.