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Besos de carmín / Carmine kisses

Resin and acrylic

25 x 28 x 31 cm

Not For Sale

The appearances, the versions, the possible reasons for an event are pluralized to adapt to the contexts, to exist harmoniously. As passive spectators we contemplate the universe pretending to understand its real happening, to assume its behaviors in order to effectively integrate ourselves, but mostly we remain at the paradoxical extreme of happy ignorance, capturing the echoes that most please us. Besos de Carmín is a heartbreaking scene hidden behind the title phrase. The genesis of the deadly battle of the rabbits (happening contrasting given the docile behavior and the cultural symbolism attributed to the representation of the white rabbit) does not seem to be transcendent. Its fatal outcome is evident but its occurrence attempts to shift from hatred to love, from death to pleasure, leaving an antagonistic reality between visuality and its justification.