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Bala en el arma / Bullet in the gun

Thinking of peace

Mixed on cardboard

79 x 57 cm

I try to create points of reflection, showing a paradoxical image with an accusing, crude and eschatological realism, which, on this occasion, shows the violence that persists in the world present that mobilizes governments, and entire societies. A hand with a tattooed bullet that cries, embodies those who take violence into their own hands, and who seek solutions to this crisis through extermination. A profile of a woman without a trace of expression embodies the other side of the coin, the victims of genocide, from the most individual wars to the most universal. The image of a caravel that for centuries in art has been represented in works as disturbing death, which this time looks straight ahead, which is the result of all evil created by man by man. Everything we do during and after this crisis must focus on more equitable, inclusive and sustainable economies and societies. That is why this brooding that I provoke delves into the crack of the current crisis of humanity, which testifies to the historical and arbitrary dimension of our way of thinking about society.