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Ausencia habitada / Inhabited absence

Inhabited absence

Mixed, fiber paper and canvas

140 x 140 cm

From photographs manipulated digitally and pictorially, the work Absence inhabited is materialized. It is an aesthetic discourse in which I use snapshots as a documentary element to cast a tense reflection on memory and individual memories. Experience that I article as a kind of essay about the isolation in which we have lived in these months. It is about merging images into the same idea, longed for landscapes that in turn lead to rethinking a cleaner and purer world. All these modes of fusion and relationship, the interest in blurring the limits of life, in making the distant become close and the everyday enlarged, in making it easier for everyone to be an actor in this story, start from the globalized and multicultural social substrate that conditions the world of today and that is expressed with all property as a resource of insertion in the contemporary visual tradition.