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Amanecer /Dawn


Mixed on cardboard

70 x 50 cm

I confess that it was the rearrangement of time in the house, the uncertainty, the cramming of information and the disconcerting company of loneliness, together with the arrival of spring and its benefits that were responsible for the materialization of this piece. The natural element used, (in this case the mango) shows a great expressive, aesthetic and conceptual potential, it also carries implicit the stamp of the season, which on this occasion, clouded by the epidemiological situation, becomes latent testimony of what happened. The contrast between the beauty, candor, and freshness of this time of year, present in the mango, and the dark, cold and bleakness of the moment in question (represented by the knife) constituted the perfect breeding ground for the creation of the work. This piece is inserted into the Spring series made up of thirty paintings that narrate the course of April, the most complex of the period, representing the synthesis of countless states of mind and self-referential behaviors, ranging from deep to epidermal, from the religious to the political and social, as a spontaneous response, somewhat naive, like the stunned gaze towards something never before experienced, with a glimmer of hope and light even in the midst of chaos.