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Adolescent Career Pressure

213.4 x 213.4 cm

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Adolescent career pressures come from family, friends, cultures, and societal influences, and push the younger generation to have a forced outlook on certain careers, rather than letting them make up their own minds. This can be caused by misinformation, lack of knowledge, or even ignorance, correlating certain pay wages as “valuable.” This pressure affects people from a young age into adulthood. It can have a negative impact on their mental health and their perception of what they might enjoy doing. It is important to recognize this as a major societal issue, because it causes people to make rash decisions about their future, ultimately risking the realization of how unhappy it makes them feel working a job they were pressured into believing was a fit for them. My presentations on this topic have addressed statistics of the national percentages of people that feel as if these pressures have affected their choices in future career paths, including, the national average of people who feel they personally made an incorrect career decision due to these outside pressures. This project has allowed me to really focus on this issue and learn more about how it truly affects everyone within the United States and around the world. Since starting this project I have been approached by several of my acquaintances telling me their own stories, and how they would love to help spread awareness of this issue, and in doing so have supported me throughout these discoveries.