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18.5 cm

Yo tengo un sueño / I have a dream

Acrylic on canvas

100 x 135 cm

Social isolation has become in recent months, the most effective option to preserve life. This situation is not alien to the Cuban artist who, for different reasons, is often stranded on his island, in time, in his memories. ¨I have a dream¨, yes, like M. Luther King and many more. I narrate it on canvas with a language of shapes and colors. Icons from various cultures or ordinary, vulnerable people, star in the scenes in this series. The anonymous faces get closer to each other, the distance between them becomes important and the work is titled. The geisha and the mulatto. More than two women, two continents; they approach and provoke the viewer to build their own story. The soul is discovered to show itself through a kaleidoscope where colors, races, times and cultures converge in harmony. In my vision of the post-pandemic world, distances are shortened, barriers are broken and we emerge to see how the differences that unite us are revealed.