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#Quedate en casa / #Stayhome

Acrylic on canvas

75 x 78 cm

Staying home has been one of the slogans promoted because of the current pandemic due to Covid-19, and one of the greatest challenges for Cubans. This work (open to more configurations, under the same phrase) resizes the experience of the spaces in the house. Each site includes a sacred symbolic potential: healing, productive, rest or reflection, and at the same time activates new senses around the concept of public space. According to chromotherapy, colors also generate diverse psychological effects. The small format allows to move towards the different places of the shared private space, and in dialogue with the body, to experience the present moment. The work, made up of 4 pieces, allows reconfiguring its assembly, alluding to a plan view of an architectural plan. This detail is related to the multiple ways in which we can relocate after the crisis, propose new forms of coexistence and harmonies. For this reason the work refers to the way in which we interpret our reality and its laws, to the way in which we can recreate it, transform it. The extended quarantine, through these small spaces, suggests freedom of creation in resilience; brightness and colors after the crisis.