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香港的一日 A Day in Hong Kong

凸版畫:木刻油印、布本 | Relief Print: Woodblock, Fabric

144 x 124 cm

Not For Sale

香港版畫工作室於2019年十月舉行「香港的一日」工作坊,11位參加者各自在木版上刻畫心中的香港,再把木版合併,集體在版上踩踏印製橫額。 1936年,作家茅盾編輯《中國的一日》,徵求大眾書寫自己的一日經歷,以文字呈現上世紀30年代的中國。他認為這個計畫讓歷史不只由知識份子定義,同時亦能喚起「人民大眾的覺醒」。 文集初版包含逾一米的木刻長卷《國內大事記》,由版畫家及中國新興木刻版畫運動成員唐英偉刻印,以圖像敘事,描繪他眼中的一日。 2019年香港的一日又是怎樣的? Hong Kong Open Printshop organised the workshop “A Day in Hong Kong” in October 2019, inviting 11 participants to carve their versions of Hong Kong onto woodblocks. These blocks were then put together as participants stepped on them, using their weight to press the inked woodblocks against the fabric. In 1936, writer Mao Dun collected contributions from the general public for the publication One Day in China. He hoped this project could arouse “the awakening of the people” , as it demonstrated how history could be defined by the public—not only intellectuals. The first edition of the publication features a woodcut scroll called “Memorabilia in China”. Over a metre long, it was created by printmaker and member of China’s Modern Woodcut Movement Tang Yingwei, who depicted his day with images. How was a day in Hong Kong like back in 2019?