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生命與生存 Live and Survive

凸版畫:木刻油印、布本 | Relief Print: Woodblock, Fabric

280 x 140 cm

Not For Sale

2019年春天,六廠紡織文化藝術館邀請龐克搖滾舍來港駐留,拜訪上水古洞的志記鎅木廠,以版畫探討土地發展對文化保育的影響。志記鎅木廠有70年歷史,為各行各業提供原材料,是香港碩果僅存的工業。政府在2007年提出新界東北發展計劃,令鎅木廠快將面臨被清拆的命運。在龐克搖滾舍的大幅版畫中,發展的巨輪滾滾前行,農田被逐漸夷平,城市被挖空成無數洞穴。他們除了是版畫家,也是音樂家——在南豐紗廠印製這幅版畫的時候,他們演奏原創民俗音樂,並邀請觀眾一同在木版上跳舞,以眾人的重量把圖像從木版轉印到布上。 In spring 2019, Pangrok Sulap was invited by the Centre for Heritage Arts & Textile to visit Hong Kong. During the residency, they visited Chi Kee Sawmill & Timber in Kwu Tung, Sheung Shui. They sought to address the impact of land development on cultural preservation with printmaking. Chi Kee has 70 years of history and is one of the few remaining industries of its kind in Hong Kong, providing raw materials to other industries. In 2007, the government’s development plan of the northeast New Territories has made eviction inevitable for the sawmill. In Pangrok Sulap’s banner, sharp bulldozer blades raze farmlands, hollowing out our city with the wheels of development. The collective is not only a group of printmakers, but also musicians. When creating this print, they performed original folk music at The Mills and invited the public to dance on the inked woodblock to print.