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新樂園拾柒號 New Paradise No. 17

凸版畫:木刻油印、布本 | Relief Print: Woodblock, Fabric

197 x 105 cm

Not For Sale

2018年,版畫小組受日本東京Infoshop「Irregular Rhythm Asylum」之邀,於關渡雙年展《給亞洲的七個提問》參與展出。他們受此啟發,開始自行以「亞洲串聯」為主題,展開《新樂園拾柒號》的創作。版畫小組以《清明上河圖》為發想,畫面中心的橋象徵「跨越」與「連結」,人們嘗試以音樂、派對、藝術創作等各種方式抵抗資本主義,並且共同邁向一個充滿希望的新樂園。版畫小組以歷時七個月的時間,在台北共力團體(Do-It-Together)「愁城」空間內完成這幅作品。 In 2018, Woodblock Printing Collective was invited by Tokyo-based infoshop Irregular Rhythm Asylum to participate in the exhibition Seven Questions For Asia of the Kuandu Biennale. Inspired by the exhibition, they started creating “New Paradise No. 17” with the theme of “Connecting Asia”. The concept was based on the painting “Along the River During the Qingming Festival”. The bridge at the centre of the print symbolises “crossing” and “connection”. In the print, people attempt to resist capitalism with music, parties and art, moving towards a new paradise full of hope. The group spent seven months to complete this print at the Do-it-Together space “Trapped Citizen” in Taipei.