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Vuk Vučković


Vuk Vučković was born in 1986 in Pančevo, Serbia. He graduated in 2010 from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, where he started his doctoral studies in painting the same year. He has been a member of ULUS (the Association of Fine Arts of Serbia) since 2011. Vuk has been exhibiting his art since 2007, and so far, he has exhibited at 24 solo and more than 120 group exhibitions in Serbia and abroad. He has received many awards and recognition for his works. Vuk’s works can be found in many important collections of contemporary art, including the Zepter Museum, Telenor, Raiffeisen, Philip Morris, the British Royal family, the Serbian Royal Family, Microsoft Belgrade, Belgrade Waterfront, the Pančevo City collection, and many other private collections. Digital prints with motifs of Belgrade, New York, London, Chicago, Vienna, Novi Sad and Pančevo, attract customers from all over the world. They have become official souvenirs of Belgrade and Novi Sad, diplomatic gifts of the National Assembly of Serbia and the City Assembly of Novi Sad, and many more.