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Szabotage, the renowned contemporary street artist from Brighton, England, is a prolific contemporary urban artist and designer. The multifaceted artist relocated to Hong Kong, where he became active in the street art scene and gained notoriety in the international urban art world. His digital NFT journey started during lockdown in 2020, becoming the first urban artist to drop NFTs in Hong Kong. The latest collection explores the connection of his physical and digital practice, creating a new dimension to his work and a natural extension of his studio practise. The artist is best recognised by his signature Koi fish tag – an iconic symbol of strength, adversity and good fortune – which features frequently throughout his work. Szabotage has painted for the HKWalls street art festival, was a finalist in the global phenomenon Secret Walls, and has given a TEDX talk ‘Resilience is the Ultimate High.’ The artist held his first London solo exhibition ‘SHHH Women's Erotic Emporium,’ in Shoreditch, London. Since then, he has exhibited internationally, with sold-out exhibitions, solo shows, numerous collaborative projects, and commissions.