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Predrag Popara


Predrag Popara was born in Trebinje (BiH). He graduated at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade in 1999.Popara attended study the Belgrade Faculty of Applied Arts, then he was one year on specialization at a professor Adolf Frohner on the University of Applied Arts Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien where he studied with visiting professors Maria Lassnig and Christian Ludwig Attersee. The Predrag Popara’s artworks precedes an arbitrary movement in which are immersed a painter’s hints and a suggestion of matter in a state of swift and incandescent change. His created imageries, varying in their fractures and intensities, are no longer engaged in the liberating forms of Late Modernism. His habitual realm of vast and intensive painterly work are paradigmatic of the notion of post-truth that has struck at both global culture and solitary individual ways of understanding the circulating anxieties of current affairs. He won the first prize for drawing in 1998 in Belgrade (Serbia). He is actively involved in solo exhibitions and projects as well and group exhibitions, on the art scene in Serbia and in many others country like : Austria, Germany, Hungary,France,Romania,Italy,Slovenia,Bosnia and Hercegovina .He is the organizer of the international exhibitions as well “Black / White” (Italian and Serbian artists), “Transformations” (Romanian,Norwegian,Serbian and Italian artists) “The Burning Island” (Romanian,Serbian and Italian artists) as many other exhibitions in the country and abroad. He is the owner and founder of the art association and gallery Funnel Contemporary Art with the headquarters in Bucharest, which gathers international artists from Southeastern Europe. He lives and works in Belgrade and Bucharest.He exhibit his artwork on the many international Art Fair like : Vienna Art Fair, Warszawa International Fair, International Art Fair Budapest and many others. His artworks are featured in many private regional and international collections around of world.