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Pavle Paja Jovanović_


Pavle Paja JOVANOVIĆ (Vršac, 1859 - Vienna, 1957) After the earliest lessons on drawing acquired in his native Vršac, he completed his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, and then the Master School for Historical Painting with prof. Leopold Karl Miller, the so-called "Egyptian." He studied in all parts of the former Yugoslavia, traveled to Italy, Spain, Morocco, Egypt, the Caucasus, but mostly in the Balkans, where he collected material for his genre compositions from the lives of ordinary people who made him famous. From the beginning of the 20th century, he turned more to portrait painting, in which he was very successful. He lived in Munich, London, Paris, Belgrade and for the longest time in Vienna, where he had an apartment and a studio. He is one of the youngest members of SANU and besides Uroš Predić, he is the most important and most prolific representative of academic realism in our country. He bequeathed his legacy to Belgrade in 1952, which was opened in 1969. During his life, he received many world awards and recognitions. His works are kept and exhibited in museums, galleries, and private collections in our country, as well as in museums and public and private collections abroad.