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Natalija Miladinović


Natalija Miladinovic was born in 1988 in Belgrade. She earned her master's degree at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade with a focus on applied painting. She successfully creates paintings, drawings, photography, and sculptures, and various exhibitions affirm her commitment. Her full potential is best mirrored in her painting and sculptures, as she feels most connected to those art forms. Through her art she has shown us her artistic curiosity and her drive to create, proving she is an artist of many skills. In her work we can observe the fight between her two sides, the practical - realistic and the untouchable - irrational. By presenting each of her personalities through different art forms, we clearly see Natalija's thought process and planning in her photography, while her paintings exude with her freedom and spontaneity. She approaches painting through researching forms, their connection, and how they fill the surface of a canvas or paper. She isn't constrained by a certain color palette and boldly combines various shades, connecting them into a meaningful whole. She has been a member of ULUS since 2017. She lives and works in Belgrade and, since 2009, she has been exhibiting her art domestically and internationally. She has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Serbia, France, Belgium, Croatia, Japan, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.