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Nacho Welles

Nacho Welles is a Spanish urban artist based in London. Nacho is a renowned graffiti writer who also goes by the name Core246, and paints with the graffiti crews Ghost Writers (GW) and Smile More Often (Smo). He has painted in street and graffiti art festivals across Europe and is the author of a sold-out series of books on graffiti, Not4 Profit. His oil painting practice began at the age of 8, and soon progressed to spray painting in abandoned factories and tunnels, creating murals with friends for fun. After finishing his fine art studies in Spain at the University of Cuenca, he moved to London in 2011, and continues creating freehand aerosol graffiti in situ, in addition to his studio practice. Nacho’s paintings on canvas reflect a mix of classic street art aesthetics, pop art and realistic portraiture, using vibrant colours and referencing popular movies, comics and videogames. Street Art Festivals: Kosovo Meeting Of Styles, 2021 London Mural festival, 2021 Meeting of Styles (Wiesbaden, Germany, 2021 | London, 2017 | Antwerp, 2014) Bring the Paint Leicester, 2019 Ulitzafest Madrid, 2018 Soundwave Croatia Festival, 2016 Streetfest London, 2015 Exhibition Great Art - UK Trapped in Zone One - Collective Show - London, 2021 2 Girls Cafe - Solo Show - London, 2017 Autonomous Gallery - Collective Show - London, 2015 Nara - Group Show - Japan, 2010 Kalon Texnon - Collective Show - Athens, Greece, 2008 instagram: @core246wellesbien @nachowelles