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Miguel Osorio


Personal exhibitions: 2011- “In a principle”, Boyero gallery. 2011-Multiple vision, Boyeros art center. 2012- "Tribute", Hotel San Alejandro. 2016-Inventory-Ludwig Foundation of Cuba. 2021-VISCERAL- @ CDAV_SALANEGRA page on Instagram of the Visual Arts Development Center. Collective exhibitions: 2013-In the May Pilgrimages. 2014-José Martí Cultural Society Club Martiano Herencia Rebelde, Tribute Mural. 2015-Zip-12 Project Havana Biennial National School of Fine Arts San Alejandro. 2015- Zip Project-Ludwig Foundation. 2015-Zip Project- ARTIS 7 18.2015-Post-it3-Galiano Gallery. 2016-IX National Engraving Encounter-Development Center. 2016-XXI Hall of the City, fantasies, dreams and aspirations. Provincial Center of Plastic Arts and Design of Havana 2016- Interchange-Interchange. San Alejandro National School of Fine Arts. 2017-Transgress the utopia-Altamira. 2017-Pos-it4-Collage Havana. 2017-Classrom-San Alejandro National Academy of Fine Arts. 2017-Classrom2-Galería la Nave2017-Classrom3-Fundacion Ludwig de Cuba. 2019- Internal Changes-Insomnia Bar. 2019- Synchrony in 9 Times: Group of one-minute actions at the ISA School of Visual Arts. 2021- The research 8TH CONTEMPORARY CUBAN ART SALON. Courses carried out Collaboration in workshops such as + Arquitectura para la Habana 2013-2014 in its first and second edition with the Architect; Francisco Mangado Beloqui-Principal Professor. Multidisciplinary architectural workshop of architecture, design, industrial, civil engineering and art. (2013-2014-2015) Collaboration in various creation workshops for children and young people at the Museum of Fine Arts. 2015-Exchange workshop of the Museum of Cuban Art with the Museum of the Bronx, New York (2013-2014-2015) -Hope Box in Habana, collaboration with Dutch women in various creation workshops for young people. 2014-Joint participation in a workshop carried out by the director of the Las Candelarias theater group.