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Mateja Mahovic, who goes by the artist name 'MataLive' is an audio/visual artist, designer, animator & illustrator from Belgrade, Serbia, whose work is appreciated in various forms of art. Professionally active in esports and gaming industry since 2011. His works are developed with heavy emphasis on motion and animation. He is an art director and co-founder of TIER-S creative agency. MataLive is also an original co-founder of an Esports native agency Level99. Before founding his own company, he was one of the artists in charge of the visual identity of one of the first Esports organizations Fnatic. Afterwards, he developed the identity & visual aesthetics of onGamers, an Esports division of GameSpot, the fortune 500 company CBSi's endeavor in gaming. Under Level99 banner, MataLive has led and oversaw the work of all creative department working on non-endemic clients such as Red bull, EA, Sterling VC (owners of New York Mets), Vancouver Titans (owned by Vancouver Canucks),, Micron and more. MataLive's work has set new standards for all Esports visuals, as his logo, animated and creative work was widely recognized within many gaming communities. He is a creator of the branding vision behind teams such as OG and G2 - which was praised as one of the best logos in the industry. He was also in charge of the re-branding of OG into OG Red Bull, the first and only Red Bull title sponsorship in the gaming industry. His love for music led him to become a music producer. He reached success as his tracks were played across the globe, from Tomorrowland in Belgium to Electric Daisy Carnival in Miami. The likes of David Guetta, Diplo, Tiesto, Hardwell, Benny Benassi, Knife Party, Paul Oakenfold, Danny Howard played MataLive's tracks at clubs and festivals all over the world, but the biggest recognition that he received was by the famous Dutch DJ Laidback Luke who released his tracks for Mixmash records and signed MataLive as one of the upcoming artists for OTW (Ones To Watch) where he received tutoring by the artists such as Laidback Luke, Afrojack and more. Lately he uses his skills in sound design and music production to aid him in motion and 2d/3d animated work.