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Marija Tomić


Completed Master’s degree at the Sculpture Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 2021, in the class of Professor Mrđan Bajić / Radoš Antonijević. Attended the Fifth Belgrade Gymnasium, social studies department. In addition to the annual school exhibitions of the faculty, participated in: Group exhibition “Kaleidoscope” in the House of King Peter in 2020. Group exhibition at the FLU Gallery, as part of a joint project “HbisArt” between the faculty and Ironworks Smederevo. Group inclusive exhibition “In Touch with”, realized in cooperation with the Museum of Contemporary Art in 2019. Humanitarian exhibition at the House of Human Rights in 2019. The 47th and 49th exhibition of small format works by students from the Faculty of Fine Arts in the Youth Center in 2018/2021.