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Maria Linares Freire


Maria Linares Freire is a London based artist from Spain. The symbolism of her work reveals a metaverse to the brain, a challenge to the common, a wake up call to the senses. She started with fine arts and developed an interest for muralism and digital arts over the years. “With my work I am on a journey through time and space looking for metaphysical answers to the secrets of the Universe. The relativity of time, rebirth, evolution, love, quantum entanglement, landscapes inspired by mythological stories, there is no limit to my imagination as there are no limits for numbers. My passion for geometry and nature has led me to my fascination with science, the symmetrical structures of the microcosms and macrocosms which has been capturing my attention for the last few years.” Maria is an accomplished artist who has won ten international prizes, including the Leonardo Da Vinci Prize (2022) and Dante Alighieri Prize (2021). Her art has been exhibited in major cities worldwide. She has a rich background in space exhibitions, with her artwork projected onto the moon’s surface by NASA in October 2015 and replicated 8 years later with Holo Art & The International Space Station. Her work has been featured in leading international art publications like The Art Talk,  SEISMA magazine, Aesthetica, The Circle Foundation for the Arts, and Contemporary Art Curator among others.