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LOURS is a multifaceted urban, digital, and studio artist with roots in graffiti muralism and theatrical performance. She shares her inner world with the intention of making people smile and touching the hearts of fellow human beings. Her illegal graffiti practice began over 20 years ago, and her creative work evolved into art direction, specialising in costume and stage design. Upon moving from Madrid to London, the vibrant British graffiti and street art scene deeply influenced LOURS as an artist, as she discovered new skills, techniques, and people that refined her practice. LOURS focuses on the surreal-realist style of painting, and is inspired by her experiences, whether they are strongly felt emotions or the contrast of the sky. Subject matter may be someone whom she appreciates, or a reason for complaint. Painting is her method of communication with the world. Street Art festivals: Meeting of Styles (UK, Kosovo, Wiesbaden, Germany) 2021 Cultura Inquieta, Madrid, Spain, 2019 Ulitza Fest, Madrid, Spain, 2018 Exhibitions: The Art of Now, Fullham Town Hall, UK, 2021 WOM Collective Exhibition, London, UK, 2020 Goddesses of the Future Exhibition, London, UK, October 2021 Brand Collaborations: - BBC series - Footlocker - Pilot - Wacom - Formula E - Fullers - Meininger Hotels -Zippo