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Joškin Šiljan


Joškin Šiljan (Nebojša Stojković) was born in 1953. in the city of Pirot. He lives and works in Grdelica. His educational background is related to the faculty of engeneering but he was born as artist. He paints activly since 1987 and exhibits since 1994. He belongs to the generation of artists that are formed on the national art scene during the 90’s of the last centuary. He is an active member of ULUS. He has received numerous awards and honors, and he’s one of the most active authors on Serbian art scene. He has exhibited in all recognized galleries in Serbia and region and his exhibitions in world wide famous musems and galleries, maked him one of the most significant, internationally recognized and accepted contemporary artist from these areas. He is a participant of in numerous individual as well as collective ones, art colonies and residential programmes in the country and abroad. His work can be found in valuable museum and private collections. He is one of the most famous Serbian contemporary artists.