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José Angel Vincench


José Angel Vincench is a graduate of the Elementary School of Plastic Arts of Holguín, Cuba (1985-1988); the Holguín High School, Cuba (1988-1992); and the Higher Institute of Art (ISA), Havana, Cuba (1992-1997). He has taught at the Higher Institute of Art (2001-2018) and at the San Alejandro Academy (2022-present). Some of the personal exhibitions to highlight are: 2023 Abstraction, a dissident language. LGM Gallery. Bogotá /2019 The burden of words. Thomas Jaeckel Gallery, New York; Open Studio. Havana / 2018 Vandalic. Henry Eric-J.A. Vincench. La Acacia Gallery. Havana. / 2016 The weight of words II: Dotfifthyone Gallery, Miami; The weight of words I: Thomas Jaeckel Gallery, New York. / 2015 A Matter of Time. Antonio Vidal and José Vincench. Acacia Gallery. Havana. He has also participated in collective exhibitions such as: 2023 Under the Spell of the Palm Tree. Harn Museum of Art, Miami; The Construction of Silence. CDAV, Havana; Concretizing. Design Factory, Havana; Territory for thinking. International Press Center, Havana / 2022 “XL: This is not another Latino exhibition”. Thomas Jaekell Gallery, New York; Concretizing. Factoría Diseño. Havana; On the horizon. Cuban Art from the Pérez collection at PAMM. Frits Museum. Nasville; Like the cane. Design Factory. Havana / 2019 “Pa Donde Vamos” (Where Cuba / Cuban people is going?). Gallery 193. Paris; XIII Havana Biennial. Havana. / 2018 La noche boca arriba (The night upside down). La Acacia Gallery. Havana. / 2017 Abstracting History. Jorge Perez Museum. Miami; The Von Christierson Collection. Without Mask. National Museum of Fine Arts, Havana / 2016 Growing Up in Neverland. Scarfone/Hartley Gallery, University of Tampa; Amidst so many lies. Dnasco Studio, Havana. / 2015 A Sense of Place. Jorge Perez Collection. Miami; Beyond Abstraction. Las Nieves Studio. Colombia; HB. Pabexpo. Havana; Lost and Found. Cuban Art Factory. Havana; 1.305 Miles. Magnanmetz Gallery. New York; Still Life. Cuban Art Factory. Havana. His work has earned him awards such as Art Nexus Award and EFG Bank (2016); Special Mention V Santo Domingo Drawing Salon, Dominican Republic (1998); II Prize I Cuban Contemporary Art Salon. National Museum of Fine Arts(1995) and I Prize City Hall of Drawing. Center of Plastic Arts and Design, Havana (1994). His works are in private collections in Spain, Switzerland, England, Germany, South Africa, Colombia, Cameroon, United States, Israel, Austria, Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Canada and France.