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Jim Chim

Jim Chim(born 1984)is a photographer in Hong Kong. He has won around 40 photography awards worldwide. I loved art from an early age and was very sensitive to color and light. I believes that a good photographer must also be a good artist, so he takes each shot as an artistic creation and is committed to giving the guests their uniqueness. I believe having a soul for an art piece is just like having a heart for your body, and you need to have a soul and heart to be and feel alive.‘’Lady governor” is about appreciating the rising awareness of gender equity, particularly in Asia. In the past, women were treated unfairly and commonly discriminated against among and within the corporate societies, with more or less no authority to make any decision. On top of that, women never had a chance to acquire top positions or roles in governments or empires. That’s where my curiosity and motivation is inspired from, to try and duplicate the style of these rulers and people of power onto women’s bodies. I found it to be as powerful as I imagined, placed in the background of this much equal social culture. Thus, the unrevealed beauty of Chinese culture could be presented to the world from this 12 series of photographs, which will showcase 12 different styles from each of the 12 Chinese empires. My dream is to remind everyone not to live in the past but pursue your vision and goal with free will without any limitation.