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Henry Lohmeyer

United States

Henry Lohmeyer || Photographer I take photos. I write words. I listen to songs. I suppose in the beginning I made photographs to heal, isolating myself from those closest to me. That was then, I now find the beauty in the isolated, the notably normally unseen subject. While I still work to heal and be present, I take photographs today to celebrate others and for me to grow, embracing an indescribable connection with others. I like to feel that my photographs look both outward and inward. Ultimately I can only speak to my intentions and let the perceptions fall where they may. Truth is, I have very little aspirations to be on a wall of a home or gallery or in a book, unless it changes another—causing reflection, maybe a scratch of the pause I feel each time I look through my viewfinder. At times, making a photograph gives me more questions than answers. So, I write words. There are many photographs I make that I’m not fond of, but when I write about them, they begin to touch me—I start to empathize with that part of me that feels the lonely desire to be seen and heard. Like a savior, words give me my photographs back to me. I need that common ground between my photographs and the written word—the permanence of both. That abyss becomes a bridge and in that I find a thoughtful understanding. I often refer to it, like in tango, that pause, that chocolate moment—a fleeting space of stillness. And, it’s in those moments that I no longer suffer for my work, but rather rejoice in it. I once read that we lose by the time we are five years old what we’ll spend the rest of our lives trying to get back. Tearful thought, but it graciously gives us our journey—our calling. My hope this day is that I continue to grow and be vulnerable with others. To see today what I saw yesterday, differently. Features and Honors Lux Magazine (‘22) Art Talks Magazine (‘22) Art Talks Magazine (Art Basel Issue ‘23) Photo London Magazine (‘23) Nominated for the Louis Roederer Photography Prize for Sustainability (‘23)