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Eli Revzin


Eli Revzin is an experienced creative professional with a rich and diverse design background. He has over twenty-one years of experience in the design world, seven of which were spent in User Experience (UX). Eli's expertise encompasses a harmonious blend of artistic finesse and practical know-how. After graduating from the renowned Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem with a degree in Industrial Design, Eli's creative journey is deeply rooted in artistic principles. Beyond his individual achievements, Eli's passion for sharing knowledge is evident through his five years of teaching design and photography. Notably, Eli's leadership as the head of the interactive design department at Technological College in Beer-Sheva underscores their commitment to shaping design education's future. With a multi-faceted identity as a designer, artist, and entrepreneur, Eli Revzin's contributions continue to resonate within the creative landscape, leaving an indelible mark of innovation and artistic excellence.