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Darko Markovic DarMar


Darko Markovic, also known as DARMAR is a renowned designer and entrepreneur born in Belgrade, Serbia. He has dozens of awards under his belt such as the Lamborghini scholarship in Milano Italy, First place in the acclaimed Artstation Challenge, and CGTALK Challenge. DarMar creates breath-taking 3D concept designs for the movie/game and product industry. During his career, he has developed a unique and revolutionary 3D design process - that fully explores the potential of 3D being used in design choices, and cuts processes tremendously. His work has been published and presented to the public numerous times in magazines, portals, and other media. Such talent attracted the eyes of huge clients-, such as DOUBLE NEGATIVE, MATRIX 4, OUTCAST GAME, STAR TREK PICCARD, POLYGON PICTURES, and many more. Brands such as Wacom and Benq noticed potential in his charisma and decided to take him as a Brand presenter for their products. At the same time, last 7 years an astonishing sci-fi IP - called Inside44. It showcases a whole sci-fi universe where the main hero has diabetes type 1. DarMar has written and designed everything in the Inside 44 book - from characters to vehicles to world and story that was bound in 420 pages scifi book. Soon to be published. DarMar is the recognizable name on international lectures around the globe in India, Bulgaria, France, Czech Republic, Serbia, and Italy. Recently he created a podcast where big names of the industry joined him to speak about their life experience working as concept designers.