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Danijela Savikj


I have a BS in Design and I have recently completed a master’s in Fashion Design from the Faculty of Art and Design, European University – Skopje. Apart from the annual exhibitions organized by the European University – Skopje, I participated in exhibitions and projects organized by the Erasmus+, the British Council in North Macedonia, Paratissima etc. ‘Wedding Stories’ (2015) is the name of the exhibition which was part of the project ‘Fashion and cultural heritage' organized by the British Council in North Macedonia, the European University – Skopje and the Museum of North Macedonia. In 2016, began the international project ‘Practicing Design 1.0’ co-funded by the ERASMUS+ programme which took place in three countries, Croatia, Austria and North Macedonia; In January 2017 the project finished off with an exhibition of prototypes at the Croatian Designers Association in Zagreb. Recently, as part of the master thesis defense titled ‘Future of Fashion’, I had my first solo exhibition which was mixed media – including fashion prototypes, artworks made from yarn and a video installation. In 2016 I received the ‘Blooming student award’ for best project in Blooming Makers edition from Skopje Design Week.