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Daniel Martínez Reyes


Self-taught artist. Among its main references are: Antoine D`Agata, Annie Leibovitz, Robert Mapplethorpe, Andrés Serrano, Cirenaica Moreira, René Peña among others. His work focuses on portraiture and conceptual photography. Images, all with high visual strength, in high contrasts or black and white. His works are in private collections in the US, Spain, Italy, Brazil and Mexico. Studies Completed: Online Workshops of El Proyecto V de Viñeta given by Victor Manuel Cervantes, December 2019-present EFCH Online Workshop, Semiotics, Taught by Shirley Moreira EFCH Online Workshop, Natural Lighting, Taught by Tomás Inda Basic Photography Course taught by Gustavo Linares and sponsored by the Cuban Association of Social Communicators Camaguey, January, 2020 Photography Workshops given by José Gabrel Martínez and sponsored by the Center for Artistic Overcoming and The Hermanos Saíz Camaguey Association, July-August 2019 Collective exhibitions • Salón Internacional Del Caribe 2021, Saniago de Cuba July 2021 • Mostra Museum São Paolo International Collective Exhibition April 12-May 31, 2021 • Collective Exhibition, International, Dedicated to Women, Instantânea Prisma Gallery. Spain, March 2021 • XXXI Hall of the City of Camaguey February 2021• Gestos Plastic Arts Salon sponsored by the AHS Filial Camaguey, February 2021 • International exhibition `MASCULINIDADES` sponsored by the University of Guadalajara, Mexico January 2021 • International Salon of the Caribbean Santiago de Cuba July 2020 • First Portrait Salon sponsored by the Ejo project • XLII Salòn de Artes Plàsticas Regino Boti Guantànamo June 2020 • X Erotic Art Conference ¨Eros and Art Organized by the sociocultural project ¨Ejo¨ May 2020 • Online Exhibition ¨Adentro Afuera¨ Collateral to the Pilgrimages of May 2020 • International online exhibition ¨Rompiendo Fronteras¨ Organized by the Movement of Emerging Artists of Mexico April 2020 • XXX Hall of the City, Camagüey, January 2020 • Collective Exhibition "VIDA" Collateral to the Photographic November with Alejandro Hernández Alvares and Lisandra Peguero Ramírez on November 16, 2019 Awards and Publications 2021 • Top 100 best reportage photographs according to the 35Award International Photography Contest • Top 200 best female portrait photographers according to the 35Award International Photography Contest • Publication in the magazine ORBE ARTE Y CULTURA Mexico March 2021 • Photographs for MIRANDO COM CALMA book published and marketed in Spain, March 2021 • Selection of works for Photovogue, initiative of Vogue Italia magazine for photographers, 2020 • Grand Prize of the International Salon of the Caribbean Santiago de Cuba, July 2020 • Mention in the Young Show of the XXX Salon of the City of Camaguey • Top 35 Photographers of Cuba according to 35Award International Photography Contest