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Blair Sugarman and John Huang

John Huang: Drone photography and videography is a lifelong passion for John, something that inspires hope, courage, and a beautiful life. He fell in love with his drone right after flying his first mini drone a few years ago. The event made him appreciate new aerial perspectives that have not been seen before. Since then, John has captured the beauty of landscapes and cityscapes with his drone, showing a passion for storytelling to ignite memories and passion. As a drone hobbyist, he started by doing drone-photography during the holidays, initially just for fun. However, what started as a humble holiday snapshot session led him to explore other different ways of drone photography, including drone light painting to capture images that inspire and tell a story in a unique way. Blair Sugarman: After moving back to Hong Kong in 2019, Blair began taking his camera out with him to capture daily life on the streets of Hong Kong. After buying a drone and lighting equipment, Blair and John started experimenting with creating unique images using light painting to highlight specific subjects. Blair is a versatile photographer whose work spans aerial, architectural, street and portrait photography. He aims to create images of the environment around him that show both the beauty of the scenery and the more intimate, personal moments hidden within it.