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Big Comic

United States

The "Big Comic Art" collection by Jake Johns' was a metaverse instigator. It is one of the very first collections of digitalartwork that is natively NFT Web3. It has been acquired by some of the most brilliant companies, individuals and institutions of web3, debuting as one of the original artists that set in place the groundwork for a cultural art revolution of our times. Shown across evening news channels into millions of homes, raised on billboards 40 feet tall across the world, seen in Times Square, permanetly installed in public display, and shown physically across a broad range of several exhibitions across the globe. The art is considered some of the most originating and defining genres of the web3 metaverse and beyond. It is currently collected in 100+ countries, and is one of the most cutting-edge art collections available today. It is now a world-renown art collection in the span of 4 years.