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Avanzar Studio & Foundation

#BUYGOOD #DOGOOD is the credo: Enjoy fashion and do good at the same time. ATELIER AVANZAR is a social enterprise that has existed in Ecuador since 2009. It helps socially disadvantaged women to lead an independent and financially independent life by providing them with practical knowledge. Our artisans strive to create a better life for themselves and their families. They want to take an active part in the economy and be able to make decisions about their own lives. We create high quality handmade products with charming patterns and intricate designs. Our products are not only made in small series in workshops, they are also manufactured under carefully checked ethical production conditions. The aim of the ATELIERS is economic and social business success. All bags are made with a lot of love, great dedication and a good dose of hope for a better future. Design is one side of creation, the other is execution, and this is where our talented women bring their many years of weaving and crocheting experience to the process. They implement the designs to perfection with great expertise and great precision. Finishing with leather increases the complexity of the entire process, as the combination of flexible yarn and rigid leather places high demands on the craft. The work is coordinated by the director of the ATELIERS, who closely monitors the work that is sent back and forth between the ATELIERS and the leather finishing department. This enables us to achieve our high quality standards. In 2017, ATELIER AVANZAR had the well-known Swiss accessory designer Florence Bachofen-Székely on board as a volunteer. She brought her many years of experience in the field of fashion accessories to the collections and thus helped the ATELIER to become even more up-to-date, successful and professional. In 2022 we will part ways. We would like to thank Flo for supporting the ATELIER with her inspiration, know-how and great expertise and for creating so many popular bestsellers together with the team. Without a doubt, they will remain in our collection for a long time to come and will delight many more customers - muchas gracias, Flo! In addition to our design team in Ecuador, Atelier Avanzar has been supported since its inception by creative, generous and talented designers such as Susi Riz, Susi Prinz and Rejane Rosenberger. We are very grateful to all of them, because each and every one of them shaped what Avanzar is today.