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Aleksa Gajic


Born in Belgrade 1974. Graduated on Academy of Applied Arts in 1998. in-class of Rastko Ciric with color comic strip " Technotise " From 1996. illustrator of Serbian illustrated magazine Zabavnik. From 2000. working for French comics editing house " Soleil ", and since than publish 8 color albums ( published in 10 countries more ) In Serbia, except those albums he publish black & white album of short stories " With screws ", color album "Technotise - Ground", and free style graphic book “Scrapbook” and “Flat comic” Constantly work s as an illustrator on books, advertising, and magazines. Author of a couple of commercial and music video clips. From 2006. to 2009. he works on his first feature animated movie: " Technotise – Edit and I " and soon after the short animated movie: Rise and Fall of art “ Momentarily he lives with his family in Zemun working on numerous new project’s “ Wondrous comics” that includes several books and comic objects, new comic project for “Humanoides Associes: from Paris, and new feature animated movie: “Technotise- Prophet 1.0 “