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林嵐與義工 Jaffa Lam and volunteers

Hong Kong

香港雕塑家林嵐畢業於香港中文大學藝術系、研究院及教育學院 。她的創作以大型跨媒介雕塑裝置為主,常運用木箱板、舊傢具、回收雨傘布料等回收物料。她多次獲邀參加本地及國際展覽與藝術家駐留計劃,包括日本、肯亞、台灣、孟加拉、中國、美國、法國和加拿大等。2006年獲亞洲文化協會「捷成漢伉儷獎助金」;2017年獲「民政事務局局長嘉許奬」;2009年始,林嵐在香港開展社區項目「微觀經濟」,獲香港藝術中心邀請為此計劃舉辦個展《林嵐合作社——織織復織織》(2013)。部分受邀參與展覽包括:《瀨戶內國際藝術祭》(2013)、 《香港週》(2015)、《China 8》(2015)、《烏托邦・異托邦——烏鎮國際當代藝術邀請展》(2016),《里昂燈光節》(2018),以及《歐洲藝術宣言展》(2018)——以合作伙伴形式展出婦女旗旌。 Hong Kong sculptor Jaffa Lam received her BFA, MFA and Postgraduate Diploma in Education at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She specialises in large-scale, site-specific and mixed-media works, often making use of recycled materials, such as crate wood, old furniture and umbrella fabric. She has been invited to take part in many local and international shows, as well as artist residency programmes in Japan, Kenya, Taiwan, Bangladesh, China, United States, France and Canada. She received the Desiree and Hans Michael Jebsen Fellowship from the Asian Cultural Council in 2006 and was an awardee of the Secretary for Home Affairs' Commendation Scheme in 2017. In 2009, she started a community project in Hong Kong entitled “Micro Economy” and staged the exhibition: Jaffa Lam Laam Collaborative: Weaver (2013) at the invitation of Hong Kong Arts Centre. Selected exhibitions by invitation include Setouchi Triennale (2013), Hong Kong Week (2015), China 8 (2015), Utopias/Heterotopia Wuzhen International Contemporary Art Exhibition (2016), Lyon Lumieres (2018), and Manifesta 12: The European Nomadic Biennial (2018) —whom she was invited as a collaborator to exhibit the flag of women.