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Volutni Krater na tronoscu


Illyrian, Thracian, or a mixed Thraco-Aegean civilization

VI - V vek p.n.e.


Oval shaped krater, with cylindrical neck and two handles. The sides of handles are in shape of Ionic volutes and in the middle they have a bust of a winged Medusa with stuck out tongue. On each side of the handles, on the belly there is a snake. Neck is decorated with relief images of four riders turned right and galloping. Details are incised. Krater rests on a tripod– hypokrateridion. Three legs shaped as lion paws bear figures of three winged Medusas with snakes holding the conical support with obliquely everted upper edge and vertically positioned lower one. The support rests on six arc rods sectioned squarely which start from the sides of paws. On the inner side of the rods towards the paws there are figures – on the right of a dog, on the left of a fox. Between the ends of the rods, next to the support is an eight-leaved palmette.